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Stroking & Spin Class

Tuesday 5:15pm - 6:15pm 

6 weeks long  1/2 hr Stroking/ Footwork  &  1/2 hr Spin class

$185.00  ($160 with online discount)

In this class you will learn skating is the fundamental core of the sport! Quality skating mechanics teach balance, power, edge control and beauty in movement. Focusing on improving the skating stride of the athlete will allow them to progress futher in other aspect of figure skating. Whether the skater is in Advanced Cutting Edge or Elite levels, the class will show visible improvements and tangible results. Spins are not only a mandatory skill at all levels, but they are also foundationally part of every jump. This class will focus on improving speed and rotation of the skaters spins.

Session # 7   Oct. 4 - Nov. 11

 Session # 8   Nov. 15 - Dec. 23